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There is a huge variety of visits to Segovia, a World Heritage city.

On the one hand, the wonderful set of Gothic Cathedral, Romanesque Churches and Alcázar are some of the main excursions in Segovia, although the great cultural wealth of its unique monuments, such as the Casa de los Picos, the Casa de la Moneda and the Monastery of San Antonio el Real, are also excursions that should be included in your visits to Segovia.

Special mention goes to the Great Roman Aqueduct, intact over time and a must-see. The city wall is one of the oldest and best preserved today, and its route is a rewarding excursion that will immerse you in another era.

There is a wide variety of visits (subject to availability of a minimum number of people), among which we highlight:

Visit to the foot of the wall

Sign up for this visit and you will discover, with the help of one of our official guides, the most curious traces of our past, undoubtedly an indispensable part of the city's history.

- Fridays and Saturdays - duration 1 hour and a half

Guided tour of the Aqueduct

Enjoy this visit in which you will discover all the secrets of the most important monument in the city, the famous Roman Aqueduct.

- From Monday to Sunday - duration 45 minutes

Guided tour of World Heritage Site (exterior)

The visit begins at the foot of the Aqueduct (2000 years old, it is possibly the best preserved Roman aqueduct in the world). In the so-called "Calle Real", the main axis of the city, you will discover such important places as the Pla de Medina del Campo, the Church of San Martín, the Plaza del Corpus Christi or the Old Main Synagogue (among other points of interest). Already in the Plaza Mayor is the Cathedral (known as "the Lady of Cathedrals" and is one of the most beautiful examples of late Gothic architecture).

- From Monday to Saturday - duration 1 hour and a half

Guided tour of the World Heritage Site (with interiors)

Visit from the foot of the Aqueduct, passing through the Plaza de Medina del Campo, the Church of San Martín, the Plaza del Corpus Christi or the Old Main Synagogue, among other points of interest.

- From Monday to Saturday - duration 2 hours

Guided tour of the Jewish quarter

On this tour through the narrow winding streets of the Hebrew quarter, you will be able to learn about the rich Jewish cultural legacy of Segovia, without which the city's past could not be understood.

- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - duration 1 hour and a half

Guided tour of hidden Segovia

Beyond what is usually narrated in history books, local chronicles have attested to incredible, mysterious and gloomy monuments that, over the years, took place in Segovia.

- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - duration 1 hour and a half

From our hotel, all these visits to Segovia will be especially accessible thanks to our location, less than 5 minutes walk from the Great Roman Aqueduct. To plan visits and excursions, both organized and on your own, do not hesitate to contact our reception department, who will inform you of prices (when applicable) and help organize your holiday in this privileged historical enclave.
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